The Online Journal of Hegelian Studies (REH in the Brazilian acronym) was founded in 2004 by the members of the Directory Board of the Brazilian Hegel Society (SHB in the Brazilian acronym). At first, it aimed to publish papers by Brazilian scholars and researchers on Hegel’s philosophy. The journal hadcontributions from both Brazilian and foreign authors that were presented in the International Congresses of the Brazilian Hegel Society that are held every two years.Until issue number 6, the journal has been edited by Prof. Dr. Alfredo Moraes. In 2007, Prof. Dr. Manuel Moreira da Silva reshaped the journal and was the editor until issue number 10. Prof. Dr. Christian Klotz was the editor from issues number 11 to 17. The journal has since been edited by Prof. Dr. Márcia Cristina Ferreira Gonçalves.

Now, the journal enters a new phase on initiative and with the support of Prof. Dr. Manuel Moreira da Silva, the current Secretary of Publications of the Brazilian Hegel Society. The Online Journal of Hegelian Studies has been redefined to enlarge its themes and enable the publication of articles, book reviews, and translations that contribute to the study and development of both Classical German Philosophy and its contemporary interpretations with an emphasis on their interface with Hegelian studies. The only demand is that submissions be of high academic quality.

Manuscripts are peer-reviewed by two referees designated by the Editorial Committee and judged through a blind-review process. Contributions are accepted in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, Italian and German. Submissions must be sent in DOC Word format to the e-mail estudoshegelianos@gmail.com, along with an assignment of copyright to the Brazilian Hegel Society.